100% of our service delivery team are women working from home

Behind a PC creates work from home opportunities for women in developing countries that are passionate about applying their skills and building their careers, but who may be held back by cultural limitations or commitment to family.


The Reality of Office Work for Women in Developing Countries.


  • On average 10% of salary is lost on commuting, a huge proportion.
  • Up to 10 hours per week may be lost to commuting which is unrecoverable time away from home.
  • Women are more likely to be offered unsocial working hours, the “graveyard” shift,  which also means commuting at dangerous times of the day.
  • Sadly fewer opportunities are available for women irrespective of equal education. 
  • Also opportunities for promotion are generally not made available.


How Working from Home is Empowering Women


  • The most important way that working from home empowers women is through the financial stability and independence it provides them. Women can be proud to earn money for themselves/their family and most importantly, they don’t need to rely on anyone else for their financial needs.
  • A deep sense of satisfaction that comes with earning your own money and applying your skills.
  • Accelerated personal and professional growth. Homeworkers devote more time to personal development as they have more time and believe skills they gain will be usable and valued.
  • More time with family. In developing countries it is the cultural norm for women to be on top of their family's needs. Work from home opportunities allow women to pursue a passion and a career without compromising family.
  • Working from home gives women a sense of control over their own destinies. It allows women to be their own boss, earn their own money, keep their own hours and not compromise on family. Such women serve as role models for their own children as well as their peers.


Currently all of Behind a PC’s service delivery team are based in the Philippines. We have no central office and do not require staff to work anywhere other than their home.

We honour all public and religious holidays (irrespective of whether they match holidays in the west) and provide a total of 27 days holiday per year. Importantly we agree on working hours that suit the individual and do not allow individuals to work more than 40 hours per week.


About Us

We build relationships with founders at Marketing Service Agencies in the UK to alleviate their time-stealing tasks.

And we do this with our employed team of women who we empower through work-at-home opportunities.

Our Promise

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