10 Ways For Better Lead Generation on LinkedIn

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Lead Generation is a crucial process that any B2B organisation should consider. It is a great source of driving consistent and reliable revenue for the business. The main goal of lead generation is to produce a pipeline by getting and engaging the audience. While lead generation can be done online, offline, or both. 

As it is an extremely important process, it is surprising to see so many businesses failing in this department. For example, in a report published by HubSpot, about 61% of businesses say that generating leads is one of their greatest challenges. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to generate more leads and referrals on LinkedIn. You will also get to know why LinkedIn is the most important lead generation social media platform today.  

4 Reasons Why Lead Generation is Important?

Brands can never underestimate the value of lead generation. Just like ads, lead generation is a crucial process especially when customers have a completely new way to buy products and services. These days, customers are no longer attracted to fancy or flashy advertisements. Aggressive sales commercials and pitches are not effective anymore. To really matter, quality content and good social media presence are the two most important ways to generate more leads. 

Lead generation is crucial and provides numerous advantages for a business. Here are some of the reasons why. 

Lead generation targets desired customers

Lead generation will enable your business to target your ideal customers. You can target depending on demographic, locations, their needs and their preferences. When you target your customers this way, you will be able to tailor the kind of products and services to offer. 

Furthermore, it is not just the number of leads, but also the quality of leads you get. Lead generation on LinkedIn gives you just this because you can find customers depending on the market that you are working on. 

LinkedIn already provides companies with the right information. For example, the profile is usually already defined so it is very easy to target the customers that you need. 

Create brand awareness

Brand awareness measures how well your brand is known within its market. When more people remember your brand, it means a stronger reputation for your brand. In addition, strong brand awareness means you have more opportunity to improve your profits. Lead generation is the best way to educate your target audiences about the features of your products and services. 

Moreover, experts have now understood that after generating leads, you need to nurture them. Lead nurturing is the process where you must start to build a relationship with your customers. That means engaging your buyers in each part of the journey to build trust. A report published by Genius.com, at least 66% of buyers says that receiving consistent communication via emails is one of the major reasons why they buy from a business. 

Leads mean profits

Lead generation is a must if you are willing to stay competitive. If you want better Return of Investment (ROI), you must adopt a lead generation process. According to statistics at least 55% of B2B companies are spending more than 50% of their marketing budget on lead generation. This number shows just how beneficial lead generation is for increasing the sales of your products and services. 

Companies that use lead generation are likely to create more sales by turning leads into actual customers. Lead generation increases the profit margins of your margins. In short, building relationships organically is great but lead generation is the fastest way to profit and scale your business. 

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Lead generation costs less than other ads

Every successful company, no matter how successful, relies on advertising to get more customers. However, advertising can be very expensive. Furthermore, advertising is utilised by almost all companies so that it becomes very competitive. And this is why lead generation is a more reasonable option. 

Lead generation can be cost-effective, prices usually vary anywhere between £1 to £500 depending on the kind of leads, where the leads are sourced, and how it is sourced. Lead generation is a win-win process for companies because not only it is affordable, it means you are almost automatically talking to real customers. 

Why use lead generation on Linkedin?

To truly understand the potential of lead generation on LinkedIn, it is important to look at this social platform first. 

According to LinkedIn:

  • The platform has more than 610 million users around the world. 
  • 4 out of every 5 members use this platform has business decision roles 
  • It is the number 1 platform used by marketers for lead generation. 

Lead generation on LinkedIn is on the rise. Furthermore, B2B businesses thrive on using this platform because it provides the best quality audience. A study by SocialBakers showed that LinkedIn is the best-rated social media platform for lead generation by B2B businesses. 

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LinkedIn lead generation – the results to expect

When it comes to social media marketing, you may not think much of LinkedIn. However, because this platform is home to top-level decision-makers and industry leaders, it is the biggest source of great leads for B2B companies. 

That means, when you have the right strategy and process, you can build an outreach system that will bring you 10, 15, to 30 or more each month. When translated to actual revenue, you can be looking at hundreds of thousands to millions added to your business every year. 

However, it is not easy, so to help you start generating leads here are some excellent tips you can follow. 

Improve your LinkedIn profile

If you haven’t worked on your profile already, you should spend some time perfecting it. You need to make sure that everything about what you or your company has to offer is indicated. Some important note: Your headline will display the last job that you had unless you manually change it. So if you want to provide professional and updated information, make sure to recheck. 

Another great tip, use available unique options to your advantage. You can prepare a digital version of an ad and include that in a text within your LinkedIn profile. Remember, LinkedIn is a 24/7 nonstop virtual networking event, so you must always have the right responses for anyone you meet. 

For example, if your company specializes in training, you’d want to show how you have provided solutions for other companies. Publishing winning case studies on your profile can also be extremely helpful. 

Connect and reconnect

LinkedIn is the best place for social media marketing. Consider this, provide help first and then start connecting or reconnecting with your past contacts – make sure to focus on relationships that are already established. It is easy to search for LinkedIn to find individuals from old co-workers to high school classmates. You must also connect with your former customers, this is the perfect time to reintroduce some changes in your products and services. Reach out to them and ask how you can help their businesses in some way. 

Invest one minute every day to add connections to your network. Look at the “People You May Know” tab to make sure you have not missed out on any potential. Remember, anyone you connect with or talk to is a potential customer. 

Word of caution, when connecting make sure to contact only people that you know. Always ask for introductions if you don’t know other contacts. 

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Do not forget optimisation 

The benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) is not limited to Google. As a matter of fact, you can use the same principles to improve your company page and LinkedIn profile. Through SEO, it will help ensure that your company’s name or brand name shows up when someone searches for words that are related to what you have to offer on LinkedIn.

The initial step is to identify the right keywords for your profile to rank for. This means you need to be familiar with keyword and phrases research. For example, if you offer employee training to brands in London, then you’d want to appear in the search results for corporate training in London. 

Additionally, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, make sure to include your website URL in your LinkedIn profile. This strategy will also drive new business opportunities and potential clients. When you have picked the right keywords, make sure to incorporate them into your profile. These words must be in your job title, skills, descriptions, and many other sections. 

Ask your employees to post content about the company

Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates. Therefore, it will be best if you ask them to share your blog and case study content on their own LinkedIn profiles. According to data by KRC Research, at least 50% of employees post on social media about their employers. This helps open your brand to a completely different network that may provide potential support to generate more leads. 

Ask your employees to repost company content. They can also share their thoughts and experiences with your brand. 

Build on your lead list

Make sure to spend at least 5 minutes every day to review your contact’s connections. This will help you see who among your bigger network you would like to meet. Your contact’s connections may surprise you and you may find a hidden treasure chest within these connections. 

Take note who you would love to be introduced to. Check out “Recommendations”, since these are usually the best kind of relationships to build on. You’ll get a quick answer when you ask for recommendations outside of your LinkedIn account via phone call or email. 

Engage with your connections

Just like any other social media platform, content is king in LinkedIn too. This is why you must constantly and consistently post good content on your LinkedIn account. Every day, spend 60 seconds to post an update on your LinkedIn network. You can use unique tools like LinkedIn Pulse to post or repost valuable content. 

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The kind of content that you post matters too. LinkedIn Pulse is an amazing tool because it allows you to do three important things:

  • Share knowledge
  • Spread awareness
  • Build authority

Every time you update; you will get displayed on your connection’s feed. Remember, do not sell on your updates, instead add value and share your expertise. You can publish experiences, personal stories, insights, a recent interview that you enjoyed. These contents are important and useful in lead generation. It is also a great way to establish your knowledge as an expert. 

Follow your current clients and prospects

Every day, spend two to five minutes to follow your clients and prospects. Check out who they are engaging with or who they are working with. Find out if they have a company page, follow and monitor it. This will help you understand what your customers or prospects are looking for. Furthermore, it is the best way to improve your products and services. 

Join relevant groups or create your own LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who are in the same group as you. Groups are a great way to understand what others are looking for. This is the best way to get a good target audience, share insights with others and increase your prospects. 

You can also start your group to give you more control and reach. You can opt to open the group only to people that you formerly know or with a larger audience. The aim is to make sure you engage with this audience and leverage your thought leadership to create a difference with the members of your group. 

Do warm outreach 

LinkedIn introductions are a better way to reach out than cold calling. Warm introductions come with a bit of trust – meaning you are not the stranger who is selling something on LinkedIn. 

So even when you cannot find a path to connect with someone, sending a direct message on LinkedIn is always better than just sending cold emails. Remember, LinkedIn implies a business opportunity again. So whenever, you are checking a potential customer, you can review their profile and see how you can adjust your products and services to meet their actual needs. 


Lead generation for LinkedIn may be difficult but it can be done. This social media platform has proven time and time again, that it offers the best types of leads for businesses. Knowing how to take advantage of your LinkedIn account can grow your business exponentially. The tips mentioned above will help you start slowly and grow surely. 

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