Email Appointment Scripts You Should Be Using Today

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Email Appointment Tips To Consider

As we move further into our work from home set-up, email appointment is one of the best ways to grow your network. It is important for business leaders and managers to find ways to keep every team member busy. These days with the looming re-opening of the economy you can easily expect anything. While working at home one of the things that you can focus on is lead generation. 

So we have put together several quick tips on how to win sales appointments through email. These scripts will hopefully be helpful in letting you build a powerful campaign that gains quality leads. 

Why is Appointment Setting Important?

Setting up sales appointments is an important task that delivers a variety of benefits. It is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your prospects. It is also a great way to ease them into your sales funnel. Furthermore, this initial contact with prospects the best way to qualify them and identify customer pain points. 

Sample Scripts Email Appointment Setting

In this article, you will be able to read email appointment scripts that you can use to turn your current contacts into quality leads. Take note, these scripts are not the only way to nurture prospects in your sales funnel. There are dozens of approaches out there and more scripts to emulate. You can even tailor a script according to what you have to offer. 

The Expert Content Campaign 

Initial Email – Warm Contact Email Sample

Subject: Interested about {brand}’s experience

Hello {firstname},

I came across your information on (LinkedIn/online), and felt it was worth connecting with you. 

My team has recently completed a report for business owners/managers like you. I am hoping that you can take a look at the report and provide us with quick feedback before we publish it. 

In the report, we surveyed more than 1500 companies to understand the struggles of their business, how they are able to sustain growth, and how they are able to secure customers. 

If you want to know how these businesses have grown to become the fastest-growing companies in 2020, read our report here. 

We would love to hear from you. 


(If you do not want to hear from us again, kindly hit reply to let me know.)

Second Email – Send after 1 Week For Those Who Didn’t Reply

Subject: Making sure you saw this message

Hey {firstname},

I am following back on my message which I sent one week ago. 

Our team wanted to share a recent report about the fastest growing B2B companies. The report includes everything from finding leads to making them, actual customers. 

We needed feedback on the report before we publish the report. Our team feels that you will be the perfect audience to do this. 

Get a copy of the report by following this link. 

I will be happy to chat for some minutes if you need any clarification.



(If you do not want to hear from us again, kindly hit reply to let me know.)

Third Email – To Be Sent after 1 Week For Those Who Didn’t Reply

Subject: When Can We Connect?

Hi {First Name}, 

We have actually been in contact for a few weeks now. I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. You see, I have been helping several businesses in the (name of industry example Construction Supply/Startup Software Companies} just like you. With our innovative solutions we are able to help them {insert achievement for example eliminate marketing costs by 30%}.

I would like to contact you through the phone to share more information. It will also be a great time to learn more about what your company is currently doing. We can see where I will be able to help you. 

How about we contact you next week?

I am usually available on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. You can also nominate a good time to call you. 



(If you do not want to hear from us again, kindly hit reply to let me know.)

Fourth Email – Send after 3 days For Those Who Didn’t Reply

Subject: When Can We Connect?

Hi {First Name}, 

I sent you a message a few days ago and would just like to make a short follow up. 

Are you available for a short 10 – 15-minute call this week or next?

I am interested in knowing more about you and wanted to share some information about how our businesses in your industries are able to grow their business. 

Let me know if you have some available time. No pressure at all if you cannot take the call, I just thought there is no harm in making a follow-up. 

All the best, 


(If you do not want to hear from us again, kindly hit reply to let me know.)

Please take note, “send as a reply” should be the only option when doing sequential email campaigns. 

NOTE – ‘Send as reply’ is ONLY an option in Sequential campaigns.

Why You Should Follow Up 

It would be lovely if there is a chance to always close warm emails on the first contact. However, this is not always the case. In that case, you need to make sure that you nurture your leads slowly into your campaign. By slowly easing them into what you have to offer, you will be able to build better connections with your prospects. 

It may be impossible to push for a sale if you are not totally familiar with your customer’s pain points. By talking to them initially, you can easily tailor your offers so that it answers their questions. This is why sharing expert content is a very effective lead generation campaign. Because it allows your prospects to know where you are good at. 

When you skip on sending them follow up emails, you cannot expect your customers to ask more about your services. Follow up letters allows your customers to know you better and for you to show them what you can provide. 

Automating Your Campaigns

Your appointment setting campaigns through emails can be effortless. There are a number software that you can use to automate your email campaigns. In addition, this is also better because it ensures you never miss out on any follow-up emails. 

To get more information on creating a strong LinkedIn campaign, send us a message today.