Grow Your LinkedIn During The COVID19 Pandemic

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You can grow your LinkedIn During the Pandemic

Several weeks into the new Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to review your digital marketing efforts. Pivoting is crucial at this point, because this pandemic has changed everything. Processes that may have worked before will no longer work today. In this article, we will look into how to grow your LinkedIn during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Growth of Social Media Use During COVID-19

People are now “forced” or opting to stay at home for health safety reasons, social media use is up. Facebook is particularly popular these days. with more people wanting to get updates, connect with loved ones, or simply want to spend time browsing.

With the growing use of social media, this opens up to big business opportunities. In this article, we will particularly look at how LinkedIn has been changing in the past few weeks.

LinkedIn Engagement Up

The numbers are very clear: LinkedIn use is up. The platform also noted that conversations have increased. This increased in operations encouraged LinkedIn to reintroduced unlimited group chats.

  • 30% of users are checking social media more to get updated news such as updates for the COVID-19 updates.
  • 40% of LinkedIn users have frequently been reading news updates.
  • 43% of respondents or users are now working remotely.
  • 26% feel that there are no changes in their productivity at all.
  • 45% of LinkedIn users say that there is somewhat or very likely a permanent change in working conditions.

Conversations on LinkedIn are indicative of what is happening in the business world. In January and February of this year, the leading hashtags in this platform were #leadership and #marketing. In March, this changed to #COVID19 and #coronavirus.

It was not surprising that the number of articles about the new coronavirus also increased. Between February to March there was at least 17x more content written about the virus. Later, as people are forced to work from home, information changed to crisis management, remote working, social distancing, online learning, collaboration, and online learning.

According to TechCrunch, “LinkedIn has seen a boost in traffic as more people are working from home and staying indoors.” They added, “conversations on LinkedIn has increased in the weeks exponentially.”

How LinkedIn Should Be During COVID-19

Having these big changes opens a ton of opportunities for businesses to sell online. One way to truly flourish is to create an outbound strategy. Your strategy should be built around real relationship before you start doing sales talk. Understandably, even when a lot of people may be hesitant to do business at this time, it is crucial to make sure that conversations will not be lost.

This means even when you feel that your customer is not ready to make the purchase yet, you should readily nurture them. This is especially true if you have already started a connection through conversations.

COVID-19 Pandemic is the perfect time to make strong connections in LinkedIn

Your prospects want to connect with you more than ever. As many people are just at home, they have more time to spend on LinkedIn. They are looking forward to connecting just to talk to another person or grow their contacts on LinkedIn.

However, the willingness of these LinkedIn users to schedule an appointment will depend on their specific situations. This is because each industry is placed in very different standing at the moment. While some industries are forced to completely shut, many have also seen tremendous growth.

That is why it is crucial to never stop making meaning connections through LinkedIn. Slowly as the curve is flattening these businesses will also be considering how to bounce back. Being part of their trusted connection will place you at the forefront once they return.

For example, the hospitality industry is the hardest hit these days. However, restaurants and hotels will soon “relaunch” their businesses in the near future. Talking to them on LinkedIn is the perfect chance to plant seeds. You can discuss plans on how you can help their business once they are allowed to operate again.

Impact on LinkedIn Ads

Paid Ads on LinkedIn has not changed at all. Many businesses, in fact, many businesses say that their seeing better results with their ad spend on LinkedIn compared to any other platform. This means depending on your target audiences, you may even see potential growth in your LinkedIn paid ads.

Conclusions and Recommendations

There is non-stop growth in social media. With the changes in how people live, more and more businesses are also thriving on LinkedIn.

To be able to ride on these waves of growth, you need to make sure you continue conversations with your connections. Improve your conversations by creating a dynamic messaging strategy. When drafting your messaging, remember that you are talking to humans. Some of them may be looking to improve their business and some may be planning on how to make a worthy comeback after the lockdowns.

For more information on how you can improve your messaging, contact us today.