Build your offshore team today by hiring
the best Virtual Assistants available.

Work with quality degree educated candidates,
zero-risk, cancel any time.

We provide businesses with exceptional remote employees. With our extensive selection process and no up-front costs, we give you a risk free solution to your recruitment needs. ANY work that can be done from behind a PC can be added easily to your business with virtual staff.

Need a time-saving Virtual Assistant?

Free your time by easily sending tasks to your very own Virtual Assistant.

For a fraction of the cost of a full time assistant, delegate the tasks that use your time, but don't get your business anywhere.

Here's how having a Virtual Assistant could help you:

Easily free up your time

Massive saving on salaries

Get fast help with your to-do list

Risk free money-back guarantee

Cancel any time

No HR headaches


Any task, Anywhere, Any time

No matter where your company is located, our remote workers are available 24/7. At Behind a PC, we take the hassle out of adding quality talent to your teams by hiring degree educated employees on your behalf, from the Philippines. 

The benefits of Behind a PC

Simple Process

Simply tell us what you're looking for and we do the rest, from job description to the first round of interviews. Freeing up your time to do your job.

Talented Candidates

We will provide you with talented, degree educated candidates who are prepped and ready for their 2nd interview with you.

Hassle Free

Our service removes hassle making talent easy to add; with no recreuitment fee, no contract and no sickness or holiday we give you a hassle free solution.

Risk Free

Our service provides you with a zero risk money back guarantee; if you're not happy you can cancel at any time within 30 days for a 100% refund.

Get Started

I know what I want

If your already know what tasks or roles you require, take our 2 minute survery and we'll respond quickly.

I want to talk things over

If you're not entirely sure of your requirements and want to talk things over with us first, get in touch and we'd be more than happy to help.

About Us

We build relationships with founders at Marketing Service Agencies in the UK to alleviate their time-stealing tasks.

And we do this with our employed team of women who we empower through work-at-home opportunities.

Our Promise

Employees not Freelancers

Unlimited Reviews of work

Happy or FREE

Where to find us

Suite 3, The Hamilton Centre,
Rodney Way, Chelmsford
United Kingdom

01279 295 811