Complete The Tasks That Hold You Back From Realising Your Full Value in Your Business

— Reliably, repeatedly and cost effectively —

In an ideal world you'd spend your time on work that you not only enjoy and that suits your ability but also that adds maximum value to your business. The reality is that we all have tasks that don't fit this picture. Too much work like this is a disaster; it's inefficient and holds you back from realising your full value in your business. You want to grow but need some tasks done to your standard; reliably, repeatedly and cost effectively.

Behind a PC  provides outsourced services from our team of female employees that will release you to focus on your business - without breaking the bank. Our content writing services and Linkedin lead generation are the most popular services with marketing agencies and business owners. Our SEO content writing services save you the time of doing it yourself, or the risk of taking on a full-time employee, and our Linkedin B2B lead generation services will help you find your niche audience and connect and grow.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Get qualified leads from the world's biggest B2B social media platform, LinkedIn. Behind A PC offers a unique process that will allow you to gain as much as 500 leads per month.

content writing

Content Writing Services

Update your website or social media content by getting the services of an exceptional content writer. Behind A PC offers affordable and unique content and copywriting work.

Cut your working hours by up to 80%!

Delegate your most tedious and time consuming tasks to our dedicated workers. This will allow you to focus on the most important work, growing your business.

Blog Writing Services

Everything you would expect from our experienced writers. 

  • Excellent Writers
  • SEO Copy
  • Hourly or Flat Rate
  • 48 - 72 Hours turnaround
  • Quick publishing


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Content Writing Services

All the written content that you need prepared by our excellent writers. 

  • Onsite copy
  • SEO content
  • Hourly or flat rate
  • 48 - 72 hours turnaround
  • Quick publishing


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Ecommerce Writing Services

Improve your website ranking with great content writing

  • Product descriptions
  • Keyword strategy
  • SEO content
  • 48 - 72 hours turnaround
  • Quick publishing


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Article Writing Services

Improve the content of your website or offsite with article writing.

  • Onsite articles
  • Offsite articles
  • KW research
  • Hourly or flat rate
  • 48 - 72 Hours turnaround


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Press Release Writing

Raise your profile and brand by impressing journalists and media

  • Onsite PR
  • Media submission
  • Keywords included
  • 42 - 78 hours turnaround
  • Quick publishing


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Content Creation Services

Top quality content to engage your followers better. 

  • Website and socials graphics
  • Infographics
  • Canva design
  • Website design
  • Ebook design 


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Email Marketing Writing

Create clever and compelling copies for your email campaigns.

  • Regular content
  • Well written engaging copy
  • Keywords included
  • 42 - 78 hours turnaround


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Website Maintenace

Consistently update your website to engage more prospects.

  • Website audit
  • SEO content
  • Analytics
  • Website content writing
  • Project or hourly rate 


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You can opt to have your virtual workers report on a different time or during your working hours. This ensures that even when you are sleeping your business continues to expand its reach. Behind a PC  allows you to answer some of the most important business questions such as:

How do I grow and scale?
How can I find staff who will help my business grow?
How can I manage my remote staff to get the best out of my offshore team?

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Content written in UK & US format

We hire only the top 2% of all our candidates ensuring we get the best workers at all times.

Awesome SEO Content

We’re obsessed about quality and that’s what you’ll get every time.

48 hour Turnaround

We can complete small content projects in just a 48 hours.

Affordable SEO Content

Creative top quality SEO content that won’t cost the earth.

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